The Transformative Nature of Big Data

The Internet changed our culture – but also the ways companies do business. Mobile phone and applications changed the behavior of an entire generation.

The next disruptive wave is upon us. It’s simple to call it Big Data – but that’s a misleading moniker. The intersection of Data Science, High Performance Cloud Computing and the abundance of private and public data sets will fundamentally change how we understand the world.  Big Data is more than “more” data in the data warehouse, pumping “more” data through your Business Intelligence tools. This is about an on-going dialog with data: questions and answers that beget more questions and even more insightful answers. Approaches such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning allow the questions to be broad and the answers to be more transformative. Fundamentally, advances in Data Science and Cloud Computing are changing the ways we understand our world, our customers, and our respective industries.

Google used millions of United Nations documents to create a translation service used by millions around the world. Netflix drives growth, in part, by offering tailored video recommendations based on 100 of millions of customer viewing histories. German on-line retailing giant Otto simultaneously increased customer satisfaction, lowered returns, and reduced inventory by analyzing billions of past customer transactions and weather data.

The opportunities are real. New business models are emerging that will either disrupt industries, or create new opportunities for legacy companies: think Self Driving Cars, Personalized Retail, innovative Gene Therapies, Quant Driven Investing. Big data and the cloud are not about doing more of the same with more data; they are transformative. They allow a business to do different things: offer new products or services, expand the customer base to new segments, simplify the supply chain, drive higher value vendor relationships, etc.

Rethink-Analytics can help established businesses gain competitive advantage in this new data paradigm. We work with you and your data to solve real business problems and create new opportunities. We can design storage architectures be it in the cloud, on premise, (or both) that enable you to get the most out of your growing data sets. We can help you analyze data across your organization to solve vexing problems and to create new business models. We can even help you build data science teams, workbenches, and processes to drive your data and analytics initiatives internally. We are platform agnostic and work with you to determine the best combination of tools and platforms (be it Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM Watson, or Amazon). Big Data is here to stay. Let rethink-analytics help you use it to transform your business. 

Call or email us – we’re ready to talk about your needs in this new world of data.

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