Rethink Analytics

RethinkAnalytics (RA) is a multi-disciplined technology company focused on building high performance cloud computing environments that support the use of large data sets across a wide range of data science disciplines: regression analysis, predictive modeling, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. RA’s process is to leverage publically available compute and hosting environments where industry specific solutions can be created leveraging both public and private data sets as appropriate. RA can also help companies migrate their current legacy enterprise solutions to cloud compute and storage environments.


Richard Mandeberg
Strategy, Business Development

Richard Mandeberg is a serial technology entrepreneur. He has worked with cross functional teams incorporating software and hardware designers and product developers to bring innovative technology to market. His experience has spanned creating products and services that service Fortune 1000 companies in Retail, Financial Services, Consumer Products and Enterprise Systems. Richard is holder of multiple patents covering methods for distributed digital multimedia networks in retail, and methods for high speed video processing and buffering.

Michael O'Dell
Data Scientist
Mike O’Dell is a Data Scientist with expertise in data collection, analysis (exploratory and advanced analytics), modeling, and data product consulting. He has served clients in Financial Services, Retail, and Education and currently works with clients to build data workbenches using R and python locally and in the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) for custom and production projects.
Bruce Moxon
Data Engineering, Infrastructure

Bruce Moxon is a Big Data and High Performance Computing Consultant with expertise in high performance storage, SQL and NoSQL databases, and scalable analytics environments in both on-prem and Cloud infrastructure deployments.  He has architected CRM/Consumer Analytics systems for Fortune 500 companies on Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft SQLServer environments, and currently works with scalable analytics infrastructure including Cloud-based SQL and NoSQL Databases, Hadoop and Spark, GPU-accelerated computing and advanced analytics and machine learning packages in R, Python, and Scala/Java.